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Improving Your Beach Volleyball Skills:
A Guide to Finding Your Lesson Level

We understand that it can be challenging to determine which skill level you belong to. That's why we have provided guidelines to help you identify your current level and what you need to progress to the next one.

However, please note that these are general guidelines, and everyone progresses at their own pace. Our coaches can also assess your skills and understanding of the game in person or by contacting us.


If you have any doubts about your level, feel free to chat with us and share your playing or training experience. We are here to help you get the most out of your beach volleyball journey.

Let's get started!

Beginner Level

Players at this stage are developing their basic motor skills and picking up on various skill fundamentals while learning how the game works.

Who this level is for:

  • Brand new players with little to no experience

  • New players wanting to learn basic fundamentals of beach volleyball

Lesson Focus:

  • Developing basic motor skills:

    • Players will learn essential sports movements such as running, jumping, shuffling, and lunging, as well as improving their hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and ball perception.

  • Learning basic skill fundamentals and techniques:

    • Players will be taught the basics of passing, setting, spiking, jump spiking approach, and serving.

  • Developing basic ball control:

    • Players will learn how to pass the ball forward, set the ball with adequate height, and spike with proper hand contact and timing.

  • Learning court and ball feel:

    • Players will become familiar with how to move on sand, sync their overall body movement, and understand how to make contact with the ball.

*These are important basics that player should have a certain level degree of control over before moving on to the next level​


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