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1-on-1 classes

1-on-1 private sessions are great for those who want to work on specific parts of the game from attack, defence to learning proper fundamentals and techniques.


Our coaches are well-trained to assess players' areas of weaknesses and implement proven training systems to help you master your skills and play at the next level.

To plan a session with us, please drop us a message!

Why 1-on-1?

Individual focus on just you

Immediate correction to fix your play style


Learn proper technique

Coaches demonstrate and explain clearly for easy understanding​

Improve your gameplay

Level up your skillset to perform better in both casual and competitive games​

Train your in-game mindset

Understand ​the ins and outs requirements to be a good player on court

Pick up advanced game strategies

Dig deeper into high-level game analysis for rapid improvement​

All player levels are welcome!

Learn at your own pace, be it slow or fast!​

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